Gabriel Burch


Gabriel Burch is a fiercely passionate cinematographer with a diverse portfolio and a proven record of excellence in his field. He leads the company by example, utilizing his nearly eight years of professional experience to assure the quality of his services.


Jake Easley

Content Manager

With a strong background in Business & Technical Writing, Jake uses his wit to write some 10/10 captions.


Chase Pickett

Strategy Director

 Chase’s unwavering motivation to beat the competition to the latest industry developments provides him with an unparalleled pulse on social media marketing strategy. He understands the game.


Devin Erickson

Creative Director

A quintessential creative, Devin’s raw authenticity and eye for detail are what make every shoot, every post, and every ad beautiful and unique. Devin Erickson’s work speaks for itself.


The digital world is a vast, ever-changing landscape. The cultural themes, trends, and technology of today are far different than those of tomorrow.

For businesses, that means that constant, concerted energy is necessary to capitalize on growing marketing opportunities presented by social media.


Precision has found that businesses of all kinds lack the time, proficiency, and resources to keep up with the demanding regimen that's required to see tangible success in the realm of social media.


Virtually all social media platforms are saturated with businesses trying to sell their products or services, but few of them are taking care to ensure that their ploys for attention are meaningful and engaging. This is where Precision comes in.


We specialize in creating premium, targeted content that appeals to exactly the right audiences. 


With our full-service social media marketing solutions, Precision is revolutionizing the industry.

Our process begins with developing a deep understanding of your brand’s message, followed by transcribing it into what can only be described as a brilliant story. 


When consumers reach social media accounts managed by Precision, they are greeted with a welcoming, engaging experience that invites them to learn more, rather than pressure them to purchase something.


The result: a tightly knit community of followers that cannot wait to hear from your business. This is the Precision effect.

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