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Welcome to the Precision onboarding process. We're incredibly excited to begin working with you! We created this page to make the process simple and efficient. Scroll down to view the step-by-step guide.

Step-By-Step Guide

In order to prepare the contract for signing, you must first complete this form. You can access the form by clicking the button. 


Sign Contract

Upon completion of step 2, Precision will reach out with a contract to sign. This can either be signed digitally through a service or in person.

This form provides Precision with the information necessary to issue invoices. This form must be completed before any work can begin.

This quick questionnaire significantly helps Precision craft a tailored strategy to your business without bugging you for the information later. 

The Content Style form gives us a deeper understanding of how you want your brand(s) to be portrayed.

Complete the account login details. This form is completely secure and only the management team at Precision has access.

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