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2 Major Management Mistakes

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Photo by Nina Starner

Whether you are a first-year manager or a seasoned manager, you will inevitably make mistakes here and there. We’ve all seen our bosses make mistakes and managers on television make mistakes, but do we ever really see our own?

Sometimes, as managers, we tend to overlook our own mistakes and think we are better than we actually are. Managers have many mistakes to watch out for, but here are two major mistakes that can severely hurt you and your business.

The first mistake we make is dealing with an employee with whom you disagree. We ought to be careful how we approach our conversation with them. We don’t want to come off as condescending or abrasive. It’s easy to get wrapped up with many projects that we can often be overly abrupt with others.

Taking the necessary time to think it over and listen to an employee will help your employees trust you more in the long run. Make an employee feel heard and understood. After all, the long run is unarguably more significant than the short conversations you may have.

The second mistake managers make (especially at larger corporations) is not learning everyone’s names. Never learning someone’s name is the easiest way to make them feel worthless.

So remember these two things next time you walk into your place of work:

  1. Make your employees feel heard.

  2. Learn your employees’ names.

Those two things are easy enough to do and will help you and your company succeed.
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