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How to Jumpstart Your Business After COVID-19

COVID-19 has done a number on us all.With nearly all businesses being forced to accept significConsumers are ready to spend their money. It became evident that the general public does not enjoy being cooped up at home and much prefer to spend their money on goods and services, most non-essential. Entering into a post-COVID-19 world allows for brands to change the way they are perceived. It’s an opportunity to start with a blank slate and make integral changes that need to be made in 2020.

We live in a world where decisions are made on the internet and acted upon either instantly or at a later time. Whether it be to research a future purchase, make an online order, or just to browse what’s available, consumers have enjoyed the ability to make private decisions about where their money goes. In the past, there were fewer resources on how to make a buying decision. Most of these decisions are being made on the spot and out of convenience. The simple fact is while that concept will always be around to an extent, it is dwindling and is not sustainable.

If you are not planning your strategy around what the modern buyer is doing, then you are setting your business up for a slow death. The winners of 2025 and beyond started working on this today. The internet gives us so much opportunity to stand out against the competition, we just have to be willing to go the extra mile.

What Practical Things can be Done to Keep up With This Concept?

First and foremost, your business needs to humanize itself online. That means for social media, text blasts, and any other announcements, your brand should have an approachable tone and sound like a human being, not a brand. You may have seen mega-brands like Wendy’s deploy this strategy on Twitter. Wendy’s brand has reaped the benefits of this several times over, with multiple viral hits on the platform. This happened because they were speaking the native language of the Twitter platform. It was easy to consume and easier to engage with, hence the massive number of likes, comments, and retweets.

Second, we need to speak the native language of each individual platform in 2020. Every individual consumes content on Instagram differently than they do on Twitter or Facebook. Knowing this, it is important to take note of the style of content on each platform.

One tactic that is absolutely vital and stands strong on each platform- is eye candy. If your brand can produce content that catches and holds the attention of the consumer, you’ve won and will enjoy the fruits of profitable business. Catching the attention and holding it requires a few different things.

Catching and Holding Consumer’s Attention

First, catching it. Catching the attention of a social media user in 2020 involves stellar photography. Every platform utilizes the sharing of photos and videos (this is done because it has proven to keep users on the platform for significantly longer than if it were simply a place for written text). Do your research and find the best route to take in hiring professional photo and editing creators that will make your direct competition seem light years behind you.

Next, you have to hold the attention. In that same social media post that caught their eye with a stunning photo, the company that wins incorporates incentive for the individual to stay. This is all done in the copywriting and the value proposition. Not every post has to be an advertisement for your product. In fact, they shouldn’t be (not directly, anyway).

If you’re selling boots, an ideal post might be to upload a beautiful picture of someone hiking in the mountains on a gorgeous day, with the caption being something along the lines of “how Sundays were meant for the mountains.” It doesn’t ask the consumer to buy, nor does it annoy them with an ad. Instead, it offers a moment of escapism and a visualization that, maybe, Sunday’s are for hiking and enjoying nature.

Again, we have been gifted with the rare opportunity to rebrand following this pandemic. Not our core values or the goods and services we provide, but in the execution of our business tactics. We want to do better in all aspects and show our community that we are one of them. We implore you to take on these next 5 years with reckless abandon, squeezing every last drop out of the free social media platforms we have been given by producing top tier, professional content.

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