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That’s Embarrassing…

This article is going to be about why conquering embarrassment is a top priority if you have not already done it. Whether you are aware of it or not, you currently do or choose not to do many things based on the way somebody else might react. If you ACTUALLY acted how you felt like acting at all times, you would be unrecognizable to your peers. That is a sad story that plagues the society in which we live.

It can be as simple as not trying a new lift at the gym because the other gym-goers will perceive you as a rookie who doesn’t know what they are doing. Or it can be much deeper rooted; for example, you might be heading a certain direction in your life because

a) that’s what your parents wanted for you


b) it’s what everyone else is doing.

Oftentimes these people do not even realize they are behaving in a way that is centered around other people’s opinions. Every social setting, online interaction, purchase you make, car you drive, and career path you choose have influence embedded in them based on our image to our peers.

Each person reading this has a unique experience and perception of life that could certainly help some people. You have outstanding ideas that the world would be interested to listen to if you gave them a chance to hear it. The reason many people don’t give the world that chance is that they are embarrassed to make that first video, podcast, or written content. Mom might think it’s a waste of time or your crush might actually see that first video you post. Unfortunately, this mentality stops people from ever taking that first step. Little do they know, they would get much better at whatever it is they were trying to do after a dozen or so tries.

Conquering embarrassment puts you in do mode. Nothing that anybody says even remotely knocks your hustle. You improve at an insane rate because you have an incredibly thick skull and you are only listening to yourself. Listening to other people’s opinions, advice, or insight when it is not asked for is usually subconsciously rooted in negativity. There are people out there in your life who genuinely care enough to give unsolicited advice with pure intent, but many are not that way. Many people are jealous that you were able to break free from the chains of judgment so they feel compelled to “be a realist” and make sure you know it’s not as great as you tell it. Being mindful of this behavior has allowed me to waste no time grappling with anything that anyone says to me regarding my decisions. Instead, I choose to continue down the path I originally sought out to travel and not look back for even a second.

If you have made it this far, let’s talk about the only way to conquer embarrassment. Theoretically, it is super easy, but a little harder to put into action (however not as difficult as what your head keeps telling you). Think about what it is you want that you have not yet pursued. Take significant steps in that endeavor. Take action ASAP. It does not matter if it is asking a cute girl out on a date or starting a YouTube channel; you have to do it now. This is the simplest advice ever, doesn’t take a genius to come up with this, however, it is rarely acted on. There are a ridiculous amount of people who live behind the mask of avoiding potential embarrassment and refuse to ever take a step in the direction they truly want. It gets so bad that they are now convinced that the life they are living is in fact what they want because it helps them not to feel bad about not chasing actual desires.

Here is the secret sauce to this topic: whatever you are afraid of (whether consciously aware of that fear or not), is not nearly as bad as what you have made up in your mind. You will be surprised at how liberated you feel when you take action on the fears holding you back.

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