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Precision is a full service content laboratory responsible for deepening your brands imprint on the market through value based content. We handle all social media platforms for businesses who don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to maximize the opportunity that social media has granted us.

With a team of two young men who were raised in the digital age, we instinctively understand what works on social media. Like all businesses, we realized how powerful a tool that is, and how massive the opportunity is for each and every brand. The difference is in how that strategy was sought out and executed. Our values are rooted in longevity and authentic relationships that map to a community of followers who can’t wait to hear from you.

Gabriel Burch


Gabriel Burch is a practicing cinematographer with over half a decade of experience. From a young age, he has been perfecting his craft. In that time, his work has appeared on television, in commercials, and short film festivals. He is a certified Avid Media Composer editor and proficient in Adobe’s editing software. 

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Chase Pickett

Director of Client Relations

I like to approach marketing in this era with an inquisitive mind, because there are no “experts” in an arena that changes every 3 months.  Strong, forward thinking ideas that give no regard to “the way we used to do it.”  It’s about touching a humans emotional core so intensely that their attention is now on your story.  We turn your brands journey into that touching story coupled with top tier beautification skills curated by our in house production team.

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