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Obsessed with perfecting the art of visual storytelling in an all-in effort to drive brand results. We believe that contextual communication to specific audiences in video form is the current best way to capture attention and drive users to take action. With an in-house production team of professional videographers, editors, and creative development personnel, we are the choice for your next series of marketing videos.


A true creative laboratory utilizing the collective talents from both our in-house team on the agency side and team members from the client side. A powerful visual storytelling machine that drives business results in a traceable manner. We have developed a system in which we are able to identify what works, and then double down on that technique while still remaining innovative and fresh.

At the core of this approach is open-mindedness. That means we strategically distribute a wide range of content to specific audiences with different messages, analyze the data, and build upon those insights. Our clients typically see results begin to snowball the longer we collaborate.



Each event your business hosts holds the potential to spark new relationships that can be profitable for decades to come. Our professional video production team creates corporate agency results that get strategically distributed online in order to maximize that possibility. These productions promote a feeling of significance and prestige  for your next potential business relationship.  

The food and nightlife industry are the perfect candidates for a visual-heavy marketing approach. The opportunity for these industries to capitalize is enormous when you take note of how few businesses are committing to this strategy. Precisions’ high-level video production evokes intense emotions from your customers on the other side of the screen, making the experience something they

can’t miss out on.